The City of Longview and the Beacon Hill Water & Sewer District (BHWSD) currently supply customers with drinking water sourced from groundwater wells and treated at the Mint Farm Regional Water Treatment Plant. Mint Farm reliably produces drinking water that meets all regulatory standards. But when a 2014 survey found that a large majority of water customers were unsatisfied with their water, the City and BHWSD undertook a study of water quality improvement options. The study, completed between 2014 and early 2016, considered more than 50 different options to modify the water supply and improve water quality. Switching the water source from Mint Farm groundwater wells to Cowlitz River riverbed collector wells was initially identified as a preferred alternative. However, disappointing water quality testing results caused this approach to be removed from consideration in July 2016. (Find out more about the study here.)

The City and BHWSD are currently looking into treatment modifications at Mint Farm that may improve water quality and address some of the issues that have concerned customers. Later this year, staff will recommend next steps to address taste and odor complaints and propose methods to evaluate treatment options for silica removal.

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In the News: Longview asking residents to complete online water survey by March 15

Posted: Thursday, March 5

Longview’s citizen water committee wants to hear from residents about solutions for the city’s troubled tap water.

An online survey that went live Wednesday asks what the most important issues should be as the committee narrows down its potential water supply modifications from the current roster of more than 50.

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Community Survey

Posted: Wednesday, March 4

Note: The survey has now closed. Thank you to everyone who provided input. 

The deadline to take the survey is March 15. We appreciate your time to provide feedback to the Longview Drinking Water Improvement Study.

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In The News: Longview tapwater committee looks at 53 possible solutions

By Brooks Johnson
Posted: Wednesday, February 25

For Longview’s water committee, Tuesday night was when it got real.

The 14 members tasked with finding a way to improve the city’s water quality looked at real solutions — more than 50 of them — and agreed on criteria for identifying the best.

By the end of the meeting it was clear plenty of work still is left before the committee can give a recommendation to the Longview City Council in July.

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