CAC Meeting to Review Analysis of Potential Collector Well Sites

Posted: Monday, February 22

In October, 2015, the Longview City Council approved a consultant contract to analyze three potential sites for a possible new water supply using riverbed collector wells. The three sites are located in the areas of North Lexington, South Lexington, and Fisher’s Lane Water Treatment Plant. After acquiring necessary permits and gaining approval for property access, the consultant team completed exploratory drilling to test for probable water quantity and collected initial water quality samples for analysis. The consultant team is now preparing a report for the Customer Advisory Committee (CAC), City Council, Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District Board, and the public to review. After review of the report, the consultant team will be given direction by the City Council and Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District Board regarding conducting a second phase of drilling and testing at a preferred site, to collect more detailed information for the potential of future riverbed collector wells. 

For a more detailed schedule of the Collector Well Feasibility Analysis click here.