In the News: Ranney wells missed when Longview first changed water supplies

Posted: Tuesday, July 21

Among the whirs of pumps and filters at Kelso’s water plant, water is flowing with great efficiency from below the Cowlitz River to nearly 12,000 homes and businesses. The best part? “We get very few water quality complaints,” Kelso Public Works Superintendent Randy Johnson said.

The riverbed Ranney wells have served the city full-time since 1984. (They were installed in 1979 but mud flows from the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens put that on hold.)

It hasn’t been a seamless 30 years, but with a few upgrades here and there, the wells have served the city well.

So why, when Longview started looking for a new water supply a decade ago, was a similar system glossed over?

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